Solid wood wardrobe with sliding doors

wardrobe with sliding doors wardrobe with sliding doors Solid wood wardrobe with sliding doors wardrobe with sliding doorsTEAM 7 are the market leader in Eco-furniture since 1980. They combine the natural heat from the hardwood with modern elegance and formality. The wardrobe with sliding doors, “Valore” presents a sophisticated blend of precious wood, and elegant high-gloss. The VALORE built-in closet thrilled with solid horizontal grain and white glass doors.

Wardrobe with sliding doors – and-white and solid wood

In addition, optionally, all of the cabinets with sliding, rotating or folding doors, and a variety of combinations. The cabinets have a selection of practical elements, such as a coat hanger for trousers, a chest of drawers with a tie compartments and drawers, with glass fronts for shirts. This solid wood wardrobe with sliding doors is a perfect decision for the more chaotic people among us.

Wardrobe with sliding doors and black mirror surface

The solid wood wardrobe with sliding doors VALORE is just as precious and beautiful, like the clothes he save and protect. The dress is on a new level of luxury increases – no need to toxic chemicals from glued wood veneer or plywood to breathe, which is usually from other manufacturers.

Are you looking for the perfect home for your wardrobe? Then we have something for you! Our cabinets offer a lot of space and make a good impression in every bedroom. Whether a wardrobe with practical revolving doors plus glass-fronted or with large sliding doors including motif – the choice is huge and it fits very safe to every budget. Create your personal piece of furniture – and don’t forget also to the internal values of the Kleiderschrankes. Your wardrobe should be in its Interior, plenty of space for hanging and Drop clothes and exactly to your individual needs fit. Our accessories – additional drawers to Kleiderlift – turns your wardrobe in a perfectly organized Stauraumwunder, in the long joy. Because our closets, keep right and make, of course, also moves easily.

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