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Whether corridor, bathroom or bedroom: A mirror hangs in almost every apartment. He makes a small room seem bigger, provides for more light and is increasingly becoming a design element.
Without mirror is hardly an apartment. You need it for purely practical reasons: Sitting in the Outfit? I have access to the colors? Only in a mirror, we see us from head to foot. The mirror is not only practical value. The Form depends on how he sits on the feeling of living in impact: A simple mirror takes back and makes the room look brighter and larger work, while the latest Design-mirror to real eye-catchers.

Simple mirror for each apartment

Wall-Mirror  Wall Mirror Wall Mirror

A simple, rectangular mirror can fit any style and in each apartment. It is available in almost every conceivable size and with or without a frame. A bezel-free mirror, especially at narrow, tube-like spaces work wonders. Tip: if you attach the frameless wall mirror on one of the long sides of the room, in the hallway about is the area between the two doors. So the room seems bigger than it is.
In dark rooms hang them on the wall mirror on the best so on, that he is the light of the window can reflect. You have a dark, windowless corridor without their own light? Here depends on the wall mirror on the best compared to those door, most of the time.

A flexible and on top of that, a low-cost Alternative to the mirror are Spiegelkacheln it from many different providers out there. With the walls or doors in the wall mirror transform without limitation in size and shape.

Wall-Mirror1  Wall Mirror Wall Mirror1
Wall mirror with frame
Wall mirror with frame are available in many different styles, colors and materials, the variety is great. Your advantage: you seem homely as a frameless wall mirror. A free hanging wall mirror with a beautiful wooden frame, for example, in the bedroom or living room are equally good. Rule of thumb: Dark frame shows from light-coloured walls at best, a wall mirror with white frame on the other hand, in front of a dark grey or blue tones nicely. Alternatively, you can select a wall mirror and also easy to lean against a wall – just a classic wall mirror with a nod of profiled wood frame comes so nicely.

Wall-Mirror2  Wall Mirror Wall Mirror2

New Design for the wall mirror
More and more designers turn to the mirror. New shapes, colors and unusual frame of the mirror to the design element for the living room wall. A relatively new Trend is the combination of multiple mirror elements of different size, the overlapping each other – so the flat mirror into a concise UNO with immediate effect. Give others the mirror in an organic, natural-looking Form, print it or colorful develop new ways to get the mirror to hang up. Unique is the mirror “Book” De Padova: It can be like a book open and close, for practically any, of his mirror sometimes simply disappear want.

Wall-Mirror3  Wall Mirror Wall Mirror3
Wall mirror with storage space
Just in the bedroom and the hallway is worth a wall mirror with storage option. Classic wall mirror, the order of storage space or small drawers be supplemented, are available in many variations. More expensive, but more convenient is the combination of the cupboard and mirror – here about shoes or clothes to accommodate. Two examples: “Hana” by Habitat is not as classic mirror designed, but as a flat shelf with front mirror and lateral compartments. To go a different way by the Italians from Skitsch: you make your Cabinet is just a head-high wooden box to the side, by her reflection to a cross-standing Cabinet completed.
Photo gallery: 10 mirror for every style of living

Wall-Mirror4  Wall Mirror Wall Mirror4

wall-mirror (9)  Wall Mirror wall mirror 9

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