Variants of kitchen hoods

Range hoods are made of modern kitchens not indispensable, finally, this in the professional world as Wrasenabzug known device, the cooking resulting cooking or Backdunst (Wrasen) extract and filters. In the case of a fume hood is therefore usually a grease filters with disposable fleece mats or washable Metallsieben, a Radialbzw. Axial fans, lighting, as well as a control panel.
detail_best-of-home-kitchen-cooker hood  Variants of kitchen hoods detail best of home kitchen cooker hood
At the kinds of kitchen hoods differs much between the two procedures. While the Abluftvariante the filtered Wrasen generously dimensioned ducts to
outside is headed, the Wrasen the air circulation process after a filtering back into the room. In addition to fat at the latter variant is also an odor filters (activated carbon filters)
used. Particularly for low-energy houses and passive houses, this variant is recommended to minimize heat loss.

Since the first kitchen hood for household use in the 1940s, was developed in the USA, have many designs on the market. The most popular are flat models below a Hängeschranks can be mounted. Despite the reduced height are both forms are possible. In the case of a Abluftbetriebs runs the exhaust hose through the Wrasenschrank.

Wall and Inselhauben are, with its characteristic shape is more suited for the extraction operation, as appropriate, and to emphasize the hob. Noble materials can here put great emphasis. Of modern
Materials such as stainless steel and hoods in a rustic style, there are many options. All of a cooker hood feel disturbed, can also systems, the
the side of the Hob to be mounted or Kopffreihauben with slanted design buy. Telescopic cooker hoods are one more way to the large range of
Cooker hoods.

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