Traditional Japanese garden design

Traditional Japanese garden design

Japanese-garden-modern-design  Traditional Japanese garden design Japanese garden modern design
The hectic everyday life forces us to do this more often, a refuge to look for, where we can relax. You can be in the nature to properly relax. In any case, it is possible, even in your own home in a quiet corner to make. In the last few years the popularity of Japanese garden design grown rapidly. The Best thing about this Design is that the garden of the wild nature is reflected. Green, grey and brown are in a unique way with flowers and fruit mixes. Stones, trees, fruit trees, flowers and Strauche are the main motives in the garden. There are several variants are possible, and you can use different combinations of the play, as long as you look at the basic rule hold, namely, that the composition, of course, must look like.

Japanese garden design – modern style

Stones-Japanese-garden  Traditional Japanese garden design Stones Japanese garden
For the perfect Japanese garden design, you definitely need to stones. They play an important role and make a connection between the garden and the interior. They also offer the right ambience for decorative fish. It is important that the house and the garden of the same configuration, to fit the Japanese garden is well-suited for the old buildings.
Japanese garden design-accent on flowers
Flowers-Japanese-garden-design  Traditional Japanese garden design Flowers Japanese garden design
If your house is more modern in style, with angular shapes and exceptional colors you should exotic plants, strong colours and artistic decoration of the garden before drag. The Japanese garden design depends on the courtyard. The trees should not be too close to the house, and the basin should be in the middle of the yard will be built. Flowers and Strauche should not be too close to the high Vegetation will be planted so that they are not in your shadow.
Shelter in the Chinese garden
The weather conditions also play an important role – it is especially important, as many Sunny days in the year. Depending on the Wind and rain, you should plant species select. If the plants are not frost-resistant, is a Roof good idea.

Let our proposals for Japanese garden design to inspire and create your private haven in the middle of the city!
modern Japanese garden design
Japanese-garden-shrubs  Traditional Japanese garden design Japanese garden shrubs
Design a garden with flowers
Garden design-Japanese style  Traditional Japanese garden design Garden design Japanese style
Swimming pool in the Japanese garden
Japanese-garden-swimming pool  Traditional Japanese garden design Japanese garden swimming pool
Japanese garden flooring is made of stone
Japanese-garden design  Traditional Japanese garden design Japanese garden design
green garden – Japanese Design
green-garden-Japanese-style  Traditional Japanese garden design green garden Japanese style

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