The Folding Beds

The Cabinet transformed into a bed? We already know. The Sofa? We know that already. But what if the Sofa and the Cabinet converts into a bed? Or if the Sofa turns into bunk beds? This is something new! And this is the first, we want to show you today. On the Internet, we have an interesting Portfolio of the Italian company Clei found. This is not the only company on the multifunctionality of your furniture. Finally, there is a fashion Trend in today’s world, furniture and many furniture companies are in competition in this industry.
trundle-bed-from-the-closet-in-room  The Folding Beds trundle bed from the closet in room
However, underlines CLEI, what is missing is often used in other companies. The secret here is an animal, a little exotic, but unique, namely a chameleon. CELI-furniture, like a chameleon have the magical property of camouflage. You hide in the home areas so clever that even a sharp eye of the curious neighbors had any Problem you find. The functionality of this furniture was of guests, deeply hidden, only residents know it. So if your neighbors to visit, you probably do not know about the fact that the front Desk can also serve as a bed, or this beautiful modern wardrobe, collapses and the entire bedroom-furniture. The Rest is not much to this topic to live, because you just need to even look at it!

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