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Glass Sliding doors for your home models and the best sliding glass doors from interior design on the web page, you can investigate.

What do you think then of an eye-catching sliding glass for the home? The sliding doors are recently fully in Trend. Now, the modern apartment is a comprehensive, harmonious, interior design – in terms of the design of the furniture, comfortable design, etc. – everything has to go down to the smallest Detail is carefully planned. Interesting and extremely versatile is the open living room. Therefore, again and again, the doorways spread and walls in addition canceled. A sliding door in this case would be better suited.

Sliding glass of clear modern Design

Most people wish to take home something relatively simple, light, harmony, comfort and warmth. The designers of the Italian company OTC Door to fulfil all wishes. Their products can right masterpieces to be named. Glass and contrast looking for OTC the perfect door. A sliding glass is not only a modern addition to the office furniture harmonizes well. Kitchen, bedroom and living room could be also with wide sliding doors are closed.

A sliding door made of glass allows natural lighting

A sliding door made of glass, respectively. Glass allows natural light in the otherwise gloomy basement or windowless corridor. Where space is limited, save the sliding doors in comparison to the conventional doors relatively much space. OTC products are perfectly with safety glasses, rails made of Edelstah and ball bearing mounted wheels are equipped. They are easy to assemble, and with a guaranteed long service life.

The sliding glasssliding door that suits your needs best. This modern glass doors will leave a lasting impression, no matter where you are. Inexpensive, elegant, unusual, and for each apartment, in practice, the office is well suited. The collection is also in a number of motives, bold accents and gaudy or achromatic colors are available. You can also by a special surface treatment – sand-blasting or crystal engraved – personalized. For all the Hollywood Fans, the company has been inspiring Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe sliding door Designs.