Saunas for home

In times In which the everyday life more and more stressful, is a small Wellness area in their own four walls, a welcome oasis of peace and relaxation. A Sauna is, in particular, in the cold time of the year is relaxing and soothing.
sauna-home  Saunas for home sauna home
The main types of sauna are the classic Finnish Sauna (usually a wooden hut or cabin)with an oven heated, infrared sauna, in the coloured light sauna effect reinforced as well as the steam room (also as a Turkish Sauna), where the walls and the floor because of the high humidity tiled.

Regardless of on which variant is the choice falls, need for the establishment of a Sauna certain structural conditions to be met. For one, it is in particular the case of larger saunas necessary that a Starkstromanschluss is available, with the furnace can be operated. Basement rooms are suitable only for the Installation, if there is sufficient air circulation takes place, as during the operation of the heater is a constant air exchange takes place. Window in the Wellness area are therefore a fundamental prerequisite better is a gaseous emissions, the variable is not too much electricity.

Since saunas, a relatively high height, a ceiling height of about 2.50 meters ideal. The advantage is, in addition, if the bathroom, or a separate shower in the same or in adjoining room, so long walking distances can be avoided. A thorough planning is an advantage, because subsequent construction work in the typically complex and costly. A cheap Alternative to the traditional Sauna is the cabin, which also requires less space and lower operating costs. Thanks to the infrared radiation, which penetrates the body rich in this Wellness concept lower temperatures, to work up a sweat to come.

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