Rooftop design – urban oasis with water features in Miami

Rooftop design rooftop design Rooftop design - urban oasis with water features in Miami rooftop design 9

Rooftop design

Rooftop design, We present to you a modern urban oasis with water features in Miami – this small, green island in the middle of the hectic city invites you to refresh and relax!  So, if you have your own roof terrace want to organize this idea inspired!

Rooftop design – share visually the various areas on

The landscape architect Raymond Jungle was with the task entrusted to an empty roof terrace in an exotic oasis to transform. First, he has the terrace in different areas depending on the function split – the Pool, the Outdoor dining area, garden grill, the cosy Seating area. The breakdown looks like this – to the left of the door was a wood enclosed swimming pool built. The Infinity Pool, with mosaic tiles in Green, and Blue, offers stunning views to Miami and to the ocean. Natural stone with built-in LED lights transform the wall behind it in a real eye-catcher. From the Pool to succeed, you will quickly come to the Lounge area, where several Sofas, a comfortable sitting area form. High Plant pots with exotic plants to protect the Seating area in front of Strange eyes. Right next to the Lounge area was spacious dining area designed by the Outdoor kitchen with Grill stainless steel by a high fence visually separated.

Rooftop design – plants

The absolute Highlight of the green rooftop terrace is a small Olive tree, he makes one of the exotic beaches dream.

Rooftop design terraces are generally considered to be outside, known, of which the urban residents to get the Best out try. The creativity is not only with the good Design limited, but you devotes attention of garden design. You can see on the pictures.