Plants for the balcony

On the balcony you can both flowers, as well as vegetables and aromatic herbs to raise. The summer is in full swing, but this will not, even now, a small garden, even if you are not a large plot of land. Just use your balcony. If you believe, that’s it for this year, but already too late, you can, if necessary in the next spring will begin.

Which plants for the balcony, select

There are many plants, both in the sun, as well as in the shadows grow well. And between the pretty flowers, there is almost always a small place on the balcony for a spice and vegetable garden can be used. Today we have a few of the most big consulting plants for the balcony for you.

Plants for the balcony

For many of these plants for the balcony is the sunlight is of particular importance. Balconies, the more sunlight, are best suited for the Raising of tomatoes and peppers, since these plants are the sun, especially love. Is your balcony a rather shady place, you can Garden salad, Carrots, spinach, cucumbers and cabbage plants. In addition to this vitamin bombs add a few plants to, because they feel both on the balcony, as well as in closed rooms comfortable.

There are an infinite number of flowers you on your balcony plants. Consider the case of the election, but always, how much light you can offer them. So can you with a lot of sun, flowers, primroses, the wild Geranium (as in shady places to thrive) and select another. You can also use the pesky mosquitoes in the summer scare away by the kind of plants for the balcony, like lavender or rosemary plants. This allows you to later also for cooking.

If you would often butterflies on your balcony want to have, you should definitely a hat, as plants for the balcony plants. This flower is also a great herb that is in the Form of tea helps with colds.
Lilies are also a great choice as plants for the balcony. They are easy to maintain and prefer the shade and not the direct sunlight. Another attractive Balcony flower is the Azalea. Also, you do not need a lot of sunlight.