Modern motorhome – with the tricycle travel around the world

Modern motorhome modern motorhome Modern motorhome - with the tricycle travel around the world modern motorhome 12A modern camper on three wheels? Yes, it is not only possible, but also very convenient. The German Designer Cornelius Commans has its modern motorhome Design Bufalino with the idea of space-saving solutions are created.

Modern camper on three wheels fascinated with space-saving ideas

A modern, little camper, but with everything Necessary for a holiday – this allows the excellent motorhome Bufalino of Cornelius Commans describe. The concept behind the innovative project is clear – the traveller a certain degree of flexibility. The minimalist design is on a APE50 tricycle is based. The car has been specially because of its efficiency and thrift selected. Both the main structure, as well as the chassis and the engine are from the original car survived. The interior is at least super original and creative. Despite the limited space, you can in the modern motorhome everything Necessary for life in a small Kochblock, a bed, even side table for the Computer. Clothes racks and boxes provide storage space for clothes and accessories, the one day of use. The driver’s seat flips around and closes the back, so that in the evening you a comfortable bed. What more can you ask for?

The application possibilities of the mobile home are endless. The modern motorhome is small and can be virtually anywhere Parking. Also in the Camping he does not take a lot of space – which is of course a Bonus point. The interior offers a place only for one Person, but several friends can easily with several motorhome driving without a way to block. Of course, for a modern motorhome, the colors are also super trendy, White was chosen as a main color, while Yellow accents. The talented Designer has an interesting project, designed with the safety of all Camping Fans will delight!