Modern bathroom design – 25 ideas for small bathrooms

Modern bathroom design ideas and pictures bathroom page, you can examine. Small bathroom design ideas that will guide you!

Modern bathroom design modern bathroom design Modern bathroom design - 25 ideas for small bathrooms Modern bathroom design

In a beautifully designed bathroom we start wonderful in the day and there we let this with a relaxing bubble bath again to end the evening. Our show examples for the bathroom make you feel like a new modern bathroom equipment.

The bathroom is an important part of the apartment, but does not necessarily have to be large, modern and comfortable. The space in a small bathroom with the appropriate Design solutions more effectively than ever. The comfort of the residents is with these modern ideas for small bathrooms guaranteed. The modern bathroom design is very flexible and you can with the right planning a real miracle in a small bathroom. See the examples below, and get some inspiration for your own little oasis of tranquillity.

Ideas for modern bathroom design – space-Saving solutions

First, determine the dimensions of the bathroom. Select the furniture and sanitary you want to install. Bath or shower? Pedestal sinks, wall-mounted WCs and walk-in showers save space. Determine your dimensions – height, width and length. Determine the location of the water and heating pipes in the bathroom. If the bathroom to the kitchen which is attached, you can try the sink in the bathroom on the same wall as the kitchen sink to install. Combine multiple elements, such as a bathtub with a handheld shower, a wash basin with vanity unit, or create a combination of bathtub and shower cabin, by the room by a glass plate separate. Mount the shelves around the fittings and take advantage of the room over the toilet and the sink.

Examples for modern bathroom design

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