Mirrors are the artists of the rooms

“…”Mirror, mirror on the wall…” – Already in a fairy tale, people knew about the magic and arts of the mirror know. In real life, you can not speak, but they are in any other way versatile.
detail_best-of-home-decoration-mirror  Mirrors are the artists of the rooms detail best of home decoration mirror
In the foreground there is the sense of a mirror, its practical purpose to fulfill. Both in the dressing room, as well as in the bathroom and the bedroom, is your mirror image is not indispensable. Before you get out of the house, says a searching look, whether the hair and the clothes will fit.

Apart from the practical Benefit, mirrors are now also used as decoration. In the dining room and living room can be a nice mirror quite instead of an image, as a decoration hung up and used. A purist area, reflects the character of each room is reflected and fits so, in contrast to a painting, or other decoration, color-coded into the concept. Whether frameless, extravagant or simple decoration is a matter of taste.

Which mirror for what purpose?
In normal household finds you usually have a so-called flat mirror. The level surface creates a real Image of what it is. Pictures of a Triplespiegels are not only reversed, but stand on the head. This is used mainly in road traffic. In Straßenvermessungen and speed cameras are used in this technology. Convex spherical concave mirror zoom out the Image and mirror effect with an image magnification, the opposite. Especially when shaving and Kosmetikspiegeln this effect is needed. Wavy mirror, you know, for example, from the hall of mirrors of the jahrmarkt. The distorted, witty, virtual images, certainly come in a nursery well and enthusiasm for the Little ones.

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