Light in the bathroom

The bathroom is at the same time relaxing Spa oasis against stress in the evening and Frischetempel to awakening in the Morning. For suitable light should already have when you Set up should be ensured.

The optimal bath lighting includes three main components:

- lighting,
- the light at the mirror and
- the Anleuchtung special Details.

detail_best-of-home-bathroom-design-light-in-the-bathroom  Light in the bathroom detail best of home bathroom design light in the bathroom
The lighting On or recessed luminaires are intended to provide guidance in the bathroom, while the mirror lighting with the same two lights to the right and to the left of the mirror supportive when Shaving, putting on Makeup or Hair looks. The only accent lighting highlights only certain spatial areas or objects. Their brightness should the General lighting exceed.

All three types of can, however, feel happy and comfortable in your own bathroom, increase and pleasant Stay.

Coloured light and indirect lighting spice up the bathroom in addition to, and set specific Einrichtungsteile better scene. Shelves or Badnischen smaller luminaires accommodate and this extra stresses. To Set up the lighting in the bathroom recommend several dimmable and color-coordinated light Sources. Wall, Ceiling and suspended luminaires, as well as a warm and Spiegelausleuchtung against shadows offer the ideal combination for a better Living. With modern lighting technology remain no Beleuchtungswünsche more open.

Individual programming is lighting control possible. Whether strong illumination for the cleaning in the bathroom or the indirect lighting during the bath – all works thanks to advanced technology. Sometimes individual recessed joined in the floor area of the atmosphere in the bathroom, stylish underline.

In the bathroom are subject to special protection, because the risk of injury due to electric shock in wet areas is high. In the shower, or directly, via a bath should not have any sockets to be attached. On the right degree of protection (IP X4 or IP X5) is in the case of lights in this area is essential to pay attention. You should have a maximum of twelve volts voltage operated and Sicherheitsprüfzeichen wear. These guarantee the operational safety of the lights. A specialist for electrical installations can Set up the light with the help and advice and Living at home safe.

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