Interior design with light and colors

Color and light have it in – you will have effect on mood and health. The most natural source of light is the sun, your light supplies us constantly with energy and stimulates our metabolism. Therefore, a good lighting our work and living areas important for our quality of life. A badly chosen lighting can, for example, our ability to work with up to a 30 % reduction. With light and colors can be carefully moods, so we can directly on our well-being acted upon. In trading, there are a wide range of coloured light sources, with which we make our living rooms atmospheric can make.

interior design ideas in light tones  Interior design with light and colors interior design ideas in light tones2

Here are some tips to Interior design with colored light

Coloured lighting in the apartment

A stylish lighting of premises today has a high priority and represents the personal style. A striking lighting system gives the room a certain Something, and spread a pleasant ambience. Colored lights give each room its own special character, and values, the overall picture looks. Cosy, light Sources in the warm nuances of spreading security and are suitable for the bedroom or nursery. Shine a light Blue, cream or pink tones to turn the room into an oasis of well-being and make it the ideal retreat. The entrance area in subtle shades of yellow and illuminated, so that the visitors a very pleasant atmosphere is welcomed. Colors affect the mood and have a positive effect on body and soul.

Orange and Yellow act dynamically and are suitable for use in rooms where people congregate. The kitchen and the dining room to get through such a light source, a particularly homely touch. The bathroom lighting can with spotlights in Blue or turquoise be combined, and thus the washroom in a Wellness centre transform. Modern LED Stripes of different colors guarantee high quality and efficient handling. The energy-saving light fixtures create an effective light and correspond to the latest technical Standards. The Internet provides a comprehensive Overview of coloured LED Stripes and provides information on prices and the manufacturer. The rich color palette includes all the nuances. As an indirect source of light, the LED Stripes in the wall or under the panels to be installed, and therefore the room stylishly set the scene. In combination with the setting up and the paint can be colored, modern light Sources trendy accessory. Whether subtly, colorful or classic: The bright LED Stripes embody modern Zeitgeist and stylish Chic.

interior design ideas in light tones1  Interior design with light and colors interior design ideas in light tones11

Colors and their effect
The color Blue calms and symbolizes peace – but Blue illuminated faces expressionless. Therefore, blue light at the lighting of the bathroom to avoid, so one of the own sight in the Morning with deep wrinkles, and blue circles erpart remains.
Better the mirror in the bathroom with a white flare of light.
Similar effects will arise in the kitchen – food under blue lighting does not look very appetizing. Red is the primary color in Thekenbeleuchtungen in the supermarket, because studies have shown that blue illuminated products sold poorly.
Since blue light to a reduced Melatonin secretion leads, acts blue light invigorating and it is so for rooms, the comfortable and relaxing effect unsuitable.
Green light gives peace and promotes the entertainment, therefore, is the green light in the living room as well as in the study.
Soft green colors reminiscent of a Night in the wild, this is probably the reason why you under a green lamp is particularly sweet to sleep.

  • A bright Red activated, Red careful dosing, because to gelles or intense Red often produces voltage
  • A soft red lighting is perfect in the living room but also in the waiting rooms or in the hall of an office
  • Purple, the color of creativity and creativity. Perfect for all your Originaliät and creativity Powerdosis want to give
  • Yellow light symbolizes Evening atmosphere and a cosy evening by the fire.
  • Reddish, yellow light is the most comfortable color, perfect for relaxation and rest from a busy day
  • Traditionally, yellow light for older people. “Retirement” in the color of the sunset
  • The useful illumination of residential premises

interior design ideas in light tones2  Interior design with light and colors interior design ideas in light tones21

This light colours, there are

Light is not only Light and Dark so light and shadow experienced, but light also need the connection to color. As it is warm and Cold colors – there’s also warm and cold colours of light, the mood is similar to how colors affect. The colour of light of different lamps are in (Kelvin (K).
As a General rule: Juergen Schmidt_Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung
Warm colours of light (up to approx. 2,900 K) have a soothing effect and are, therefore, for the living rooms and bedrooms geeigneit, so all the rooms in which there is a cosy approach should
Cool colours (about 3,300 K) have an activating and, therefore, are for rooms in which to work is because of the amount of blue concentration and promotes objectivity.

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