Infrared saunas

Just like the Sauna uses the Infrarotlichtkabine of the fact that heat a beneficial effect on the body. The difference between the two applications is that in the Sauna, in addition moisture on the body acts on them, while at the IR cabin the pure radiation is exploited. It is located in the temperature range between 30 and 60 degrees and is the natural solar radiation imitated, without the action of the human body some vitamins are not able to form. This makes the IR cabin Sauna superior.
Infrared saunas  Infrared saunas Infrared saunas

The technical values of the Infrarotlichtkabine

The Infrarotlichtkabine is with infrared radiation of the areas A, B and C to get. The infrared-A radiation occurs only in the medicine is used. The IR-B radiation produces very high temperatures, the temperature of a Sauna far exceed. Therefore, they are for the promotion of Wellness is not used. Who is for the personal Wellness is a good counterpart to the Sauna is looking at the Infrarotlichtkabine with C-radiation find. She works in the wave field and causes in the human body a pleasant relaxation.

Models and prices for the IR-cabins

IR-cabins in different sizes to get. They are suitable for one or two people, or four to six people. Some of the variants are as Eckmodelle designed, where during the treatment for the Wellness comfortable with friends there. The entry into the equipment used for the personal oasis of well-being is about 1,500 euros possible, if you have the luck of a special offer, or an exhibit to get hold of. With your usual wood-Design, add the IR-cabins harmoniously in different environments. You will be connected to a 230-Volt electrical outlets, however, adequate protection should have.

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