Halloween decoration ideas from pumpkins do it yourself

halloween-decoration-ideas-pumpkin-carving  Halloween decoration ideas from pumpkins do it yourself halloween decoration ideas pumpkin carving


Cool Halloween decoration ideas from pumpkins
Even though Halloween as a traditional Festival is just is, in the autumn of Germany to establish, is also increasing in this country, sales of pumpkins especially in October, many times over. However, not only the ready-to-eat varieties such as, for example, Hokkaido or Butternut for most of the buyers of interest, but usually just the big, thick pumpkins, in the so wonderful creepy faces carving.

A Halloween pumpkin their own doorstep not only makes it creepy, creepy Feeling, and shows the candy-seeking children, where you may have success could be, but is also a varied decorating idea, with a little Practice and a little skill, every decorate the front yard.

With the Increase of the General enthusiasm for the Halloween Feast, also increases the variety of different templates and instructions, which is now on almost every corner. During Halloween-pumpkins earlier mostly free Hand carved, various instructions, such as under kuerbis-schnitzvorlagen.de be made available, not only to ensure that the result is also the own needs, but at the same time, plenty of creativity and Schnitzvergnügen evoke.

halloween-decoration-ideas-pumpkin face  Halloween decoration ideas from pumpkins do it yourself halloween decoration ideas pumpkin face

halloween-decoration-ideas-pumpkin face

Halloween decoration ideas – Like a Halloween pumpkin carved?

Using a pumpkin Schnitzvorlage the individual parts of a pumpkin perfectly carved. First, the pumpkin for this purpose, however, was eroded. The pumpkin seeds, as well as the pulp of the fruit must to a large extent, be removed. Only in this way will, among other things, also prevents the pumpkin too quickly begins to mould or that of birds across the autumn decoration pounce.

To hollow Out the top portion of a pumpkin, around the stalk around, cut, so this later as a kind of cover reuse. Who, for example, a candle in the hollowed-out pumpkin would like to ask, provides the cover for this, that the candle is protected from the wind.

Halloween decorating ideas – How does the Schnitzvorlage

The Schnitzvorlage usually consist of the eyes, mouth and nose, which, depending on the model differently are cut. This template should first printed out, and then along the dotted lines to be cut out. Then the outline of the previously hollowed-out pumpkin cut, where the distance themselves can be determined. Depending on the size of a pumpkin should mouth, nose and eyes either a little further or something close together.

halloween-decoration-ideas-carving templates  Halloween decoration ideas from pumpkins do it yourself halloween decoration ideas carving templates

halloween-decoration-ideas-carving templates

Halloween Decoration Ideas – Pumpkin-Schnitzvorlage

If the template is on the pumpkin is recorded, it’s time to Carve itself. This is a sharp knife. This is along the painted lines through the pumpkin, cut up the edged part of the wall of a pumpkin to solve it. This applies not only tact but also patience and skill to prove. Since the exterior walls of a pumpkin as a prove to be extremely robust and Cutting through the same usually with a not just low power is connected, should be especially children never without supervision pumpkins to carve.

Halloween Decoration Ideas – Individual Touches
If the pumpkin’s face only once that is done is carved, there still remains a lot of room for further Verzierungsmöglichkeiten. So can the pumpkins, for example, a mustache or a wig to get around from the old cloth or Wollresten can be made. Also different colors or artificial blood can be used and the already scary pumpkin’s face one more Nuance schauriger.

However, those who have a candle in the pumpkin position would, should be careful that no flammable Material in the flame. Especially those who are with hair or fabric to work, to run, otherwise a danger that these ignite. Otherwise, the imagination, however, has no limits and is allowed, what in terms of Kürbisschnitzereien fun. By the way, make the iconic orange heads not only in the front yard but also on the windowsill particularly well. However, this only applies as long as the pumpkin’t smell.

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