Garden furniture properly store

As soon as the summer passed and the fall over the country spreads should garden furniture can be stored to the cold temperatures and moisture.
garden furniture-store  Garden furniture properly store garden furniture store
Above all, garden chairs and tables made of wood under the weather in autumn and Winter enormous suffering. For example, you can through the damp and cold weather in the fall and Winter with wooden furniture cracks and the surface of the garden furniture is attacked. Therefore, it is advisable for the gardener, his wooden furniture for outdoors in the cold and wet seasons in the interior of the house-party.

Ideally, wooden furniture for outdoor use in a frost-free and dry place in stock, and also with a tarpaulin or an old sheet covered the furniture from dust to protect. For example, the chairs and the table in a Garage or in the basement of the house will be stored. Also a summer house, suitable for the storage of very well.

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