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Whether romantic or protection from prying eyes, four-poster beds are available in various forms and styles available, and it can flavor to any room in the appropriate four-poster bed. From simple rustic up to a romantic four-poster bed, a tasteful eye-catcher, and so is out of the bedroom is an oasis of peace and relaxation.

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The choice of the sky bed
A four-poster bed to attract everyone’s attention and forms the centre of the bedroom, therefore, it should be chosen with care. For the modern and simply decorated bedrooms are models on a straight-a metal or wooden structure based on all the frills and decorations do without. Linientreu is the motto here. Heavy, natural fabrics with large attachment loops result in a modern big picture that is very flexible in different decorating ideas can be integrated.

A solid wood structure with wide, heavy post is the right choice for the rustic and rural style in the bedroom. Whether elaborately decorated or plain and edgy is here a question of taste. Who is an antique Look, preferably, should be dark and glossy lacquered wood logs to fall back on. Also delicate wood carvings let the bed, classic and antique effect.

For a peasant effect if the wood is the most natural and untreated look. Heavy fabrics are also here to prefer. Substances which, owing to the wide scarves with applied tassels on the post restrained and delicate embroidery, round off the beds.

The romantic four-poster bed is based on a fine metal construction and is with lively decorations. Head and foot of the offer space for delicate embellishment or lush curves.

Decorative ornamentation of the four curtain poles remember tales of 1001 nights. Here, you can enjoy four poster beds on two forms of expression. The lush, Oriental style or the dreamy-lightweight Design. In particular, for the friends of the Oriental style is an additional canopy. The fragile-romantic look is given by a light, semi-transparent materials, the bed like a gentle mist reflow.

The matching sheets
With the matching bed linen is the four-poster bed for an effective work of art, each of the bedrooms in an oasis of relaxation transforms. Rustic and modern beds provide a good basis for strong and intense colors, while in delicate beds with silk and light pastel shades should be worked on. The most important criterion in choosing the right bedding is, however, own well-being.

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