DIY table decorations

DIY table decorations diy table decorations DIY table decorations diy table decoration 10Diy table decorations models and designs cool decoration ideas page of the blog page, you can view.

If you are at home, living plants and are creative, then you can have a great idea as a gift or for the families Party develop. There is nothing Better than the natural design and Decorate the rooms, because then the mood such as if you are in a garden to sit in.

The DIY table decoration for a wedding and other official events

The table decorations for the wedding, is not necessarily cut flowers. What do you think of that, just a couple of pretty, living plants to choose and they combine to make your Wedding guests to Marvel? In this way, you can save money without compromising on style and elegance to lose, and the best thing is that you easily can make yourself. Here you can learn how to be a pretty DIY table decorations can make.

A DIY table decorations from living plants

1. Select for the DIY table decorations are a few plants suitable size and Texture with each other to arrange and place in a pot can transfer and look good.

2. Fill the container with potting soil.

3. Remove the plants from their pots by the ground impressions and carefully at the Plant drag.

4. Loosen the roots. You can also use a few of them to remove, if the space in your tank otherwise is not sufficient.

5. Arrange the flowers for the DIY table decorations to taste, and add something potting soil for stable and safe in the containers.

6. Pour three to four times a week.