Comfortable hammock for the garden

Comfortable hammock for the garden  hammock for the garden Comfortable hammock for the garden  Comfortable hammock for the garden 1

The spring is approaching and the garden begins to always greener and more colorful. The beauty of this Season is during the winter impatiently expected. It is the forerunner of the summer, in the garden all of its magnificence brings to the fore. The Sunny terraces and balconies to be the most popular places to the morning or afternoon coffee and weekends free to enjoy. Here you can have a comfortable hammock for the garden is beautifully set the scene.

A comfortable hammock to Relax in the garden

The sun loungers come from the dark basements, garages or attics and, in the first warm rays of the sun. And how should it be otherwise, when you consider what a wonderful feeling it is, in the warm sun rays on the bed, lying, to dream, during the blossoming trees, a charming fragrance emitting. What could be better? Although…maybe it yet. Yet cosy, yet relaxing, it would be a comfortable hammock for the garden to lazy to use in your nature to observe the warm sun and the breeze to enjoy. Did you know that the hammock from Colombia comes? Traditionally, there the ropes, respectively. Mesh at the end of a Hand-woven, fabric made from colorful cotton fabric attached. Called these hammocks “cadeios”. In this way the weight evenly on each mesh distributed, what strength between the ropes and the substance is increased.

Hammock for the garden – splendid decoration idea for the yard design

Even the Sailors knew this quality later to appreciate and began comfortable hammock, instead of bunks. Also the first American settlers used the cosy hammock as a cheap and fast way to berths to back up. A little later came the cosy hammock to Europe. Here, quickly became popular, but more as a decoration, as a place for relaxation and not as a bed. The hammock is a nice and cosy place, and you can not only of the garden or the courtyard, but also the balcony, terrace or Veranda decorate – provided you have enough space. You can easily armchair or a chaise replace. It can consist of different materials. There are hammock for the garden of ropes in network configuration, from whole cloth, with or without a frame made of wood, as well as A – or Minivan. Hammocks, you can all sorts of shapes and colors in furniture stores and garden centres. If you historical are, you can just as well but even a hammock.

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