Classical Bedroom Colors

Bedroom Colors bedroom colors Classical Bedroom Colors Bedroom Colors
The bedroom colors play an important role in the relaxation of the senses. We guess you what paints for healthy night’s sleep, and which you prefer to avoid.

Bedroom colors – natural shades make for relaxation

A new study in the UK has confirmed, that the blue color for relaxation. The correct paint is an important prerequisite for healthy sleep. The blue color is associated with peace and reminiscent of the water and the blue sky. This colour was of teachers, specialists at the universities, as well as construction workers preferred. Blue should be good for the blood pressure, and heart. On the second place comes the yellow color of the eye and good influence on the nerves. To the bedroom colors, the good influence on the nature is one of the green color. Vibrant, but also reassuring – an unusual, but very effective combination. Silver color, and the wall remember the moonlight and act as a calming effect. Surprisingly, then Orange – this warm and homely color creates a relaxed atmosphere, among other things, the digestion of the food support.
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Bedroom colors that disturb sleep

Bedroom colors, which, in contrast to disturb their sleep, are mainly Black and Red. But Purple is not necessarily good for the sleeping area suitable. Darke colours stimulate the brain – what to insomnia. Dark brown and dark Blue can also make the room dark look. Those who still for these colors, decides, should prefer the wall behind the bed headboard swipe. On this way it is when you fall Asleep the strong color out of the sight of stay. Colorful bedroom should rather be painted in pastel colors. Wallpaper with large Patterns have a calming effect.

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