Ceramic decoration make yourself

Ceramic-decorative-yourself-make-ceramics  Ceramic decoration make yourself Ceramic decorative yourself make ceramics


Ceramic decorative just make yourself

Clay was already in Ancient Egypt and is the most people with security ever come across. However, only a few people know that this type of decoration contrary to their appearances, incredibly easy and simple to establish. With a reasonable inference and the right accessories can in no individual and breathtakingly beautiful wall decorations create.

Ceramic decoration make yourself – What, exactly, is clay?

As the clay is in General the wall using slabs or tiles from ceramics understood. So are both quite regular tiles and Flow in normal size meant, as for example, out of the bathroom are known, as well as smaller and considerably more individual tile elements, such as in specific shops can be purchased. Even small fragments of old tiles in the ceramics are used, the combination of different materials such as glass or metal is also possible.

On a vehicle mass, the tiles piece by piece attached and then fixed. This is usually the base, even with the vehicle mass is spread, the tiles are then in these repressed. Depending on how large and how heavy the individual tiles or the ceramic elements have different requirements to the adhesive surface. Finally, it could have a big weight to ensure, for instance, that the ceramic not on the wall can hold, which in turn just after the elaborate production is particularly annoying.

Ceramic-decorative-yourself-make-diy ideas  Ceramic decoration make yourself Ceramic decorative yourself make diy ideas

Ceramic-decorative-yourself-make-diy ideas

Differences between the Indoor and outdoor

Ceramic Element, for example, as a mosaic on walls is recommended not only for the Wohnungsinnere but is, in principle, also outside the four walls. However, both of the processed item, as well as the adhesive base, even different demands. Both, for example, must be frost, so that it is at a temperature below Zero degrees Celsius won’t come to that, that the materials are brittle and may peel off. Also to moisture must be a certain amount of resistance, as the glue otherwise could soften or the colors of the ceramic carbonate.

Ceramic-decorative-yourself-make-toepfern  Ceramic decoration make yourself Ceramic decorative yourself make toepfern


Ceramic decoration make yourself – Are you skilled with your hands?

Who is an individual wall mosaic want to create, you should either after a particularly unusual ceramic elements to look around, or using the extraordinary compilation to make sure that the result is amazing. Thus, for example, small, colorful glass shards a real eye-catcher, where during the work explicitly attention should be paid to wear gloves to a potential risk to minimize. Also wooden beads or small memorabilia such as Buttons in the mosaic can be installed. Especially unusual is it, if, for example, small characters or anything.

Fancy ceramic plates with special glazes and great color effects, for example, in Oriental stores more frequently sold. Those who enjoy Painting has its ceramic even paint, should, however, is the specific information concerning the colour-fastness is important to note. Otherwise, there will be namely the risk that the colors with the time either fade away or in the rain run. Then, in turn, could the Rest of the mosaic as well as the cement, mostly as a bonding material is used, discolored.

In General, it is also recommended especially with artfully arranged mosaics with templates and stencils to work. Only in this way can, for example, the distances between the individual building blocks are being followed correctly, and the result is then really the image before the emergence in his own head.

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