Cabinet doors are aligned properly – manage’s

You become angry about leaning Cabinet doors that do not close properly? You don’t have to, because with just a few simple steps, you can Cabinet doors are aligned properly. We explain to you as you step-by-step Cabinet doors adjust.

Cabinet doors  Cabinet doors are aligned properly - manage’s Cabinet doors

At first glance, the modern hinges perhaps complicated, but once you get the options know, there are no puzzles. In General, hinges in three directions align.

Align Cabinet doors
First of all, the alignment of the height of the Cabinet doors started. To do this, loosen the screws of the hinge a little and push the doors in the desired Position, up or down. Is the correct height is reached, fix the Cabinet by the screws again.
So the doors sideways sitting correctly, you need to select the front screw the hinge loosen or tighten. If you tighten the screw moves the closet door from the hinge way. Loosen however, the screw, so walk in the door to the hinge.

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