50 Design ideas for small bathroom

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50 Design ideas for small bathroom small bathroom 50 Design ideas for small bathroom 50 Design ideas for small bathroom

Design ideas for small bathroom

If you are the renovation of a small bathroom have planned, we want to give you today to give some tips on how it look bigger. Still – you can at the same time, some decorative items to include the space on a higher new level of design. Anyway fit a lot of complicated devices and systems in a small bathroom, so you have to do it only with some minor adjustments to renovate.

A great feminine wall covering with pink flowers

Many color combinations to form the illusion of size and depth, and in the bathroom. The lighter earth tones such as white grey and Beige bring an “open – space” feeling. We recommend a lighter color for the walls, as if the ceiling continue to stand. Then try the eyes by the lighter colors to see, as if you are standing outside. In this way, the space is greater, no matter with daylight or artificial light. And one last recommendation – instead of Patterns, you can use only one color on the ground. Each pattern makes the small room appear smaller.

Shiny brown tiles and a shell-shaped sink
The accessory size should be proportional to the bathroom size. Avoid a double sink and vanity. Try with a sink with a pillar, or even with a standard washbasin, surface area to save. You can use the storage area with closets maximize. Since you no area can take, the closets an open space feeling in the small bathroom.

Yellow uses here the accent
Also if there is enough daylight in the bathroom there, we point out that a decent lighting to brighten the room needs to be installed. So there is no shadow behind the door, in the corners, or the shower along. Use fluorescent light, since it is a softer light offers. Install a huge mirror, the light to reflect and the room look bigger.

Glass or glass wall for the shower
The door glass is also a possibility, the bathroom look bigger. Otherwise, a door or a curtain breaks the space of the bathroom. The sliding glass is a further advantage for a broader sense.

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